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The Piano serves as a foundational tool to learning music. Inglewood School Of Music offers comprehensive Piano lessons through teaching methods that are tailored to each students learning needs, musical goals and interests, for beginner to advanced levels. All of our Piano programs ensure that students learn how to read music, build technical skills, receive comprehensive ear training and experiment with improvisation. Our programs include the disciplined and structured certification process outlined by the Royal Conservatory of Music as well as a diverse range of structured, contemporary methods. Our programs enable us to support the vast spectrum of desired musical pursuits and the unique individual learning styles of students. Each year students are provided with the opportunity to show case their hard work and earned skills at our June year end Recital. Piano lessons run weekly with the regular School Year, September through to June and are also offered during our Summer, July and August term. 

  Little Notes        

The "Little Notes" Program is an extensive introduction to music for young children aged 3 to 6 years and 8 to 10 years. Children get off to the right start in their music studies within a fun, positive and social atmosphere. The "Little Notes" curriculum encompasses educational activities that upon completion of the 10 week program, students are prepared with the basic-fundamental knowledge needed for great success in learning an instrument of their choice.  Through interactive games, playing on the piano and experimenting with percussion instruments; students are introduced to rhythm, melody and dynamics and receive their first ear training exercises. Students also learn about each instrument of the orchestra and are exposed to music from around the world. The goal of the Little Notes program is to help students find their musical niche, instill a love of learning and exploring music and their very own individual creativity. Little Note's classes run each week, for ten weeks, during the fall, winter and spring term. 


At Inglewood School of Music, Choir provides students with the opportunity to develop a musical ear, gain a sense of rhythm and pitch all while having fun with friends! Choir students participate in group/team building activities, explore different genres of music and enjoy games with a focus on rhythm and melody making. Choir helps students find their voice and how to use basic singing techniques to help their voices shine. Our choir program also provides students an environment to build self confidence and self esteem among their peers, through performing individually and as a group at every session. Choir Sessions run each week, for ten weeks, during the fall, winter and spring term. The choir showcases their hard work with an original song at the, "June year end Recital".  

The Junior Choir Group is aged 4 to 7 years

The Senior Choir Group is aged 8 to 15 years 

Musical Arts Camp                        

Our Summer "Musical Arts Camp" is full of fun learning for all ages. Camp Participants receive a thorough overview and introduction to all of the elements of music through, games, singing, musical crafts and playing on the piano. Children learn "what a song is made of" and are given the tools to create their own rhythms and melodies. New interactive indoor and outdoor activities are held each day. Activities include, experimenting and learning about various instruments including the guitar, ukulele and drums. Student guest Musicians join in on the fun from Humberview Secondary School and Mayfield Secondary School by accompanying "sing a long's" and sharing their musical achievements with campers. The Musical Arts Camp is suitable for children with or with out previous music training and is offered for one full week (Full day: 9am - 5pm and Half Day: 9am - 1pm) in July and August of each year. 

Coming Soon: Guitar           

Currently taking registration for, Guitar lessons, studies will begin, September 2019.