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Inglewood School Of Music is located inside the beautiful ambiance of Inglewood United Church. Inglewood United Church is located in the heart of Inglewood Village, a vibrant and tight nit community within Caledon. You can find us on the corner of Macdonald St. and McLaughlin Rd, directly across the street from Canada Post. We are overjoyed to have the privilege of teaching music with in this great community to the children of Inglewood and the surrounding areas of Cheltenham, Caledon East, Caledon Village, Belfountain and Brampton.  Our students and their families enjoy the amazing acoustics the church offers as well as the ample space to observe lessons. We are happy to have created an environment, where we can make connections with our students, so their musical comprehension, development and creativity can thrive.

Each year we host a year end Recital at the church. This has become a community event, where parents, friends and families of Inglewood Village and the surrounding areas come out to cheer on Students of all ages and levels. We look forward to our students performances every year and are proud to host a yearly event where our students share their achievements, inspire each other and share the joy of music with their family and friends!

Our mandate at Inglewood School of Music is to inspire students to make music a part of their lives for a life time by ailing their music education with their interests and through providing positive and encouraging direction. Our goal is to help students realize that learning is an individual process and that their efforts and commitment to their goals is in essence the achievement. We hope to help students feel that learning is fun and to celebrate and enjoy their  learning process as much as their attained success. We aspire to achieve our mandate with each of our students through a goal oriented and fun educational approach and through acknowledging all of their achievements along the way.  Above all we aim to inspire students to believe in themselves and to always aim high and never stop trying! 


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